Community and Cultural Programs


Camden County College is dedicated to providing numerous educational and socially enriching programs for the residents of the community. Listed below are areas offering these enrichment opportunities. Click on the appropriate link for more information and program schedules.

Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission

The Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission at Camden County College recognizes the role of culture, art, and local history in making our communities dynamic places to live and work. We endeavor to strengthen the cultural framework of Camden County and beyond by educating the community about the diverse cultural experiences available to all.

Center for Civic Leadership and Responsibility

It is the Center's goal is to create an informed citizenry through exploration of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and issues critical to a democratic society. Citizens have the opportunity to meet scholars, scientists, government officials and business leaders to explore historical and current issues and discuss societal problems and their solutions.

Personal Enrichment

The Personal Enrichment Center is dedicated to fulfilling the goals of the college's mission statement by offering continuing education courses and programs which will provide cultural, social, and recreational activities to the community. A selection of personal development courses in areas such as languages, arts and crafts, dancing, music and theatre, health, sports, and fitness, senior programs, and children's programs are offered each semester.