To accomplish its mission, Camden County College develops a strategic agenda and continually assesses its progress toward the fulfillment of these goals:

Programs and services will enable students to achieve academic success and career competence, to pursue further higher education, and to identify and develop their personal attributes.

General education courses will develop students’ intellectual skills, knowledge, and habits of mind that enrich their lives and enable them to participate in a democratic society.

Developmental courses will enable students to gain skills needed for college-level work.

Continuing education courses and programs will provide cultural, social, and recreational activities to enrich the community.

Programs and services will recognize diversity and meet the needs of special populations, including academically gifted students and students with disabilities.

Partnerships with schools and colleges, public agencies, corporations, foundations, and other entities will enhance educational quality, student opportunities, and economic development.

Training programs for business and industry will provide continuous learning opportunities, including academic degrees.

The College will serve as a good steward of its financial, physical, and human resources.

Programs will provide students with the understanding and skills they need to adapt to changing international conditions and to compete in a global economy.

The College will provide a technology-rich environment that supports teaching, learning, and working.