Business and Management

Marketing and Sales

Top Gun Sales

Learn how to refresh your sales approach and add spark and inspiration to your sales efforts. Participants will explore ways to network; prospect; reach decision makers; cold call; make effective presentations;
follow up; and close the deal. This workshop will provide energy to your sales efforts whether you are new to the field or have many years of experience.
CE.MGT 078-51


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Small Business Institute

Small, growing businesses need help, especially practical advice and ideas that work. These workshops are designed to give you the business management skills necessary to succeed in today's competitive market.

Starting Your Own Business
6 sessions
All sessions held at the Blackwood Campus

Introduction to Small Business Ownership (Session I)
Participants will be introduced to what it takes to start or purchase a small business. Economic climate and other factors of business owners have discussed with an emphasis on a positive approach to this
series of seminars. .25 CEU
CE.BUS 001-51

The Business Plan Part I: Planning Process (Session 2)
This seminar concentrates on the organization and elements of a basic business plan. Learn the uses of a business plan and when and why it is necessary – a must for people starting their own business
or business owners seeking financing. .25 CEU
CE.BUS 002-51

The Business Plan Part II: Marketing and Promotion (Session 3)
This seminar continues from Part I, the Planning Process, by focusing on the business plan and its affect on marketing and promotion for the business owner. .25 CEU
CE.BUS 010-51

 Creating a Budget for your Small Business (Session 4)
Learn to plan and forecast your cash needs in order to start, operate,or purchase a business. This step-by-step seminar concentrates on the basics of cash flow planning. Learn to plan your own cash flow from actual case studies. This seminar teaches you the proper format and purpose of this vital part of operating a small business. .25 CEU
CE.BUS 003-51

Financing a Small Business (Session 5)
Learn where and how to borrow money, the do's and don'ts of borrowing,and the different sources of money available to you. Learn how to build the proper banking relationship and what is needed to
secure that business loan. .25 CEU
CE.BUS 004-51

Taxes and Record Keeping (Session 6)
Learn what type of business entity is right for you. Learn what legal and tax benefits are available to you in starting or owning your own business.This seminar concentrates on various legal forms of business, their costs, tax reporting, and benefits to the small business owner. .25 CEU
CE.BUS 005-51

Sue Yourself
Does somebody owe you or your business money? Does your business have trouble with collections? Learn how to use the courts to collect without having to hire a lawyer. This course teaches you how to prosecute (or defend) suits in the New Jersey Small Claims Court by yourself. The student will learn how to sue for money owed, damage to property, unpaid rent, return of rental security deposits, and many other claims for money damages. Even businesses that sell out-of-state or over the internet can do this with proper preparation. The student will also learn how to collect money damage after the court awards judgment. This course is ideal for business owners, managers, and landlords.
CE.BUS 016-51       

Law for Landlords
and Tenants
Whether you are just leasing a room for the school year or managing a multi-unit apartment complex, you can benefit from this how-to-approach to New Jersey landlord/tenant law. This course is primarily intended for landlords and their managing agents but will also benefit tenants who want to know their rights. The course covers the things you should look for in leases, what you can do to check out a tenant before leasing, the rights and responsibilities on both sides, security deposits, right to renew, dealing with late rent payments, grounds for eviction and required notices to quit. The student will also learn how to file and prosecute or defend a suit for eviction as well as how to prosecute or defend suits for unpaid rent, excess damage, and return of security deposits.
CE.BUS 015-51   

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Business & Management Seminars

Get the competitive edge over other professionals by staying on top of your skill set. these seminars are designed to give you the knowledge you need to standout and succeed in today's 

fast moving economy.

Business Communications

Communicating clearly and effectively is an essential skill to success in the business world. The following series of classes are designed to develop this skill.


Speaking with Confidence 
Public Speaking is the ability to speak with confidence, clarity and cogency in a group and to a group; it has been identified as a vital skill that can boost a person’s career prospects. Additionally, this important life-skill has also been known to bring about substantial improvements in the personal relations of people. You can expect an understanding and the reason behind increasing significance of this life-skill, and understand the reason for its ever-growing popularity. .6 CEU
Blackwood Location
CE.MGT 085 71

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Conflict Resolution and Management

In today' s high paced business environment, change, stress,and conflict occur daily as our economic climate experiences challenges and often times setbacks. This series of classes is designed to help you understand and manage these factors we all face each day.

Conquering Workplace Stress

This course is designed for those wishing to manage stress and pre­vent burnout. This seminar will teach you how to respond appropriately to daily pressures and how to take charge of stressful situations so you can perform at your best. Participants will learn to recognize the signs of stress, determine stress­ prone personalities, and explore coping techniques. .6 CEU

CE.MGT 008-51

Handling Challenging or Difficult People
Be your best professionally. Learn the types of "difficult people" and how best to handle each type. Learn how to minimize conflict and how you can also be part of the solution. Examine techniques that can be used to handle even the most difficult situation. A personality assessment tool will also be utilized as part of the class discussion to gain insight into personality and leadership.
CE.MGT 001-51

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Leadership Skills

Today' s leaders must be multi-dimensional, self-motivated, and well-prepared to adapt at a moment' s notice. This series of classes is designed to help you develop leadership skills in the areas of delegation, teamwork, and organizational planning.

The Effective Leader

Are you preparing for a promotion into management or have you just entered into a new position as a manager? This seminar will assist emerging leaders into the transition from employee to supervisor. The focus of this program is to help new supervisors identify and face the many challenges that they will encounter during their shift into the new role of manager. Specific topics will include defining the supervisor's role, negotiation and networking, interpersonal and human relations skills, team member environment, time manage­ment tips, planning and organizing, and performance assessment practices. .6 CEU

CE.MGT 062-51


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Notary Public Training Program
There is a growing need for Notaries Public in many professions including paralegal, financial, real estate, business, and legal professions. This class will educate you on how to obtain your notary commission for the State of New Jersey. In addition, you will acquire skills and tools to complete your state assigned job duties as described by the New Jersey Department of Revenue. We will explore what a notary can do; what liability a notary faces; and how to earn money from notary services. Students who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate of completion. This course meets the standards of the New Jersey Notary Association.
CE.BUS 014-51 

Accounting & Payroll Banking


QuickBooks 2014

Looking for a popular accounting software developed for small business owners? Try QuickBooks! This easy to use software will help you with all of the key business features you need to rely on to maintain and manage your business. Participants will learn how to process and keep track of invoices, pay bills, track inventory, process payroll, and report revenue. QuickBooks can even be customized to meet your particular business needs. 1.8 CEU

CE.ACC 008 91 


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Investment Institute

In these unpredictable and often turbulent times that we now face, it is more important than ever to increase your personal knowledge of investing for you and your family. In this seminar, you will learn the essentials of investing by exploring the various options and techniques commonly utilized by today’s financial consultants. These courses are instructed by a highly experienced financial executive, Mr. William Dorman, who
will guide you through the investment spectrum.
Cost: $120 for series or individual class costs apply

Investing 101 
This two week course is designed to educate the novice investor on the basic principles of investing.  The objective is to allow attendees to gain knowledge of bonds, stocks, mutual funds and exchange trade funds (ETF’s).  Handouts will be provided to enhance the classroom discussion.  The course will cover interest rates, the economy, how the market works, as well as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 Indexes.
CE.INV 020 -71

Investing and Understanding Risk Tolerance
This one week course focuses on measuring and maintaining the proper asset allocation with respect to one’s own investments, including stocks, 401ks, and IRAs.  This course is designed for an investor with some investment experience, and attendees after this session will be able to better focus on the appropriate investment suitable to one’s own individual needs and expectations.
CE.INV 021-71

Retirement for Baby Boomers
The Baby Boom Generation has already begun to retire and many financial issues face that segment of the population from determining retirement needs, (including social security) having the proper insurance (including long term care), and estate planning.  This course is designed as an overview to address those questions, but also enlightens participants as to how they can face these challenges with confidence and a better understanding of their financial future.
CE.INV 022-71

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