The Tutoring Center


We know that managing your coursework & succeeding academically can be challenging.

Tutoring Services are here for you!

Our services are free to Camden County College students and no appointments are necessary for most subjects. Students may attend tutoring sessions at the Blackwood Campus and Camden Campus.

Each campus location has a separate tutoring schedule. Click on the schedule link to view the schedules for each campus.


Tutoring Locations and Phone Numbers

Tutoring Center, Taft Hall, First floor - Rooms 107, 108, 109

Camden Campus, College Hall - Room 508B (856) 968-1359

Barbara Palmer, Coordinator

(856) 227-7200, ext. 4411

Tutoring: Who, What and When

Who can go to Tutoring?

  • Tutoring is free for any student currently enrolled in credit courses at Camden County College.
  • You must be enrolled and attending class in a course in which you wish to receive tutoring help.

What will the Tutor expect from you?

  • Be prepared by bringing textbooks, assignment information, any work you have already done for the assignment, notes, and questions
  • Attend class regularly.
  • Read your textbook.
  • Show the tutor your attempt to start your work. Be sure to read the assigned material.
  • Have a specific question prepared for the tutor.

What can you expect from a Tutor?

  • The tutor will be knowledgeable in the subject area and communicate confidence, encouragement, patience, and will motivate you to succeed.
  • Depending on the number of students, you may work alone with a tutor or in a group of students. A tutor will rotate among students assigned to him/her.
  • Tutors will not proofread essays or give out answers to coursework, but they will help you to understand and develop skills necessary for you to complete an assignment.

When should you go to Tutoring?

  • When you want to improve your grades
  • If you are having problems with tests and quizzes.
  • If you feel as though you are falling behind.
  • If you need help with an essay.
  • When you want to review for a test.
  • If your instructor recommends tutoring.

What Students and Tutors Say

What students say:

"If it was not for the help I received from tutoring, I would have withdrawn from my class."

"The things I learned about writing from a tutor helped me in all of my other classes."

"I go to tutoring because I want to keep my GPA high. I am an "A" student."

"The tutors take a personal interest in helping me be successful."

What tutors say:

"I like to see the smile that students have on their faces when they finally understand."

"The Tutoring Center was here for me when I was a returning student. Now I want to help others."

"I appreciate my education and enjoy helping students achieve their academic goals."

"I like trying to show people that math and computers aren't as complicated as they seem. Sometimes hearing a different point of view helps understanding."